Since it was initiated in 2002, over 220 faculty who teach at GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS), Children’s National Hospital (CNH), the Washington DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC), Inova Fairfax, Unity Health Care, and the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences have graduated from the Program. Here is what a few of the recent graduates had to say about the Program:

When I applied to the Master Teacher Leadership Development Program, I did not know what to expect at first. I only had one goal in mind: to become a more effective teacher. What I did not know is that I would end up learning just as much about myself as I did about teaching in the process. During this program, I was pushed to critically examine my own learning styles, habits, strengths, and weaknesses; reflect on how my personal learning history influences how I educate others; and think about what changes I need to make to reach my goal of being a more effective educator. This was truly an eye opening experience that I would recommend to anyone in medical education.

- Andrew Canonico, MD (Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine, SMHS)

I would highly recommend the Master Teacher Program! Learning how to best approach adult learning and how to be thoughtful about implementing educational programs for medical trainees has been incredibly valuable and I am already utilizing these skills in my educational curricula. This program also has given me the confidence to seek out leadership opportunities that will advance my career and lead to opportunities for educational scholarship. If you are on the fence - just do it! 

- Suma Hoffman, MD (Pediatrics – Neonatology, CNH)

I cannot recommend this program enough. In what other would would you have the opportunity to gather for 4.5 hours weekly with other people who have similar passions and struggles and discuss and engage with adult learning principles, teamwork, and leadership? The material is extremely well-developed and life-changing. I have re-discovered my values and I now know how I can use every interaction to inspire others to find their values and plan their own legacy.

- Megan Quintana, MD (Surgery, SMHS)

This program enabled me to develop as an educator and leader. Through excellent facilitations, carefully selected readings, and above all, rich discussions within our cohort, I have been able to grow both personally and professionally into a better educator.

-Salim Lala, MD (Surgery, SMHS)

The MTLDP program was transformational. This program gave us the tools to be better educators, and it transformed the way I approached adult learning. It also opened my eyes to team management and leadership. I highly recommend this to all our fellow educators.

- Kitman Wai, MD (Pediatrics - Critical Care Medicine, CNH)

The cohort approach to adult learning and leadership was transformational for me in many ways. I was able to implement many of the program concepts in real time. Each course scaffolded upon one another in an organized way. I am truly grateful to have participated in the MTLDP.

- Brandon Beattie, PA-C (Physician Assistant Studies, SMHS)

Master Teacher took the concepts I felt passionate about and helped me achieve a different level of thinking about teaching and learning. It made me a better teacher, learner, and colleague.

- Jared Chowdhury, MD (Medicine – Hospital Medicine, SMHS)

This program was transformative. Through this program I learned key concepts of adult learning, curriculum design, and assessment. This also provided the opportunity to learn about the groups and teams that I am on and the leadership positions I hold. This will serve as a springboard for the rest of my career and allow me to apply the concepts learned to my academic endeavors.

- Christina Lindgren, MD (Emergency Medicine, CNH)

MTLDP helped me realize that I did not have a good understanding of “quality” teaching. Because of this program, I was introduced to adult learning principles and able to develop the skills/provided the tools to immediately implement those principles into practice. This program focuses on you as an educator, as an individual, and how being an educator can fit into you and further develop your career. It was a great experience!

- E-beth Hubbard, MD (Pediatrics - Hospital Medicine, CNH)

The Master Teacher Leadership Development Program is an absolute must for those who are interested in education. Each course helps develop your educator skill set in ways that are readily applicable, whether you provide traditional classroom teaching, clinical teaching, or program/curriculum oversight. I have no doubt that I will use the skills and knowledge acquired in not only the educational aspects of my job, but in my research and administrative roles as well.

- Tina Halley, MD (Pediatrics – Hospital Medicine, CNH)

Before I did this program I had a very nebulous understanding of leadership and teaching. I based my teaching skills on anecdotal data as opposed to theory. Going through the process of understanding adult learning theory, curriculum design and leadership gave me the tools needed to escalate and direct my teaching to another level. I look forward to pursuing more scholarship in teaching and having a greater impact in my roles at work.

- Tricia Desvarieux, MD (Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine, SMHS)

It is worth the investment in time, energy, and brain cells. The experience, relationships, and application of knowledge will benefit you in preparing for teaching/learning and leadership. Understanding the theory(s) and cycle of learning helps inform better ways to shape tomorrow's clinicians and leaders.

- Geoff Shapiro, EMT-P (Clinical Research and Leadership, SMHS)

This program has been so helpful for teaching and leadership skills. I am excited to apply all that I have learned.

- Laura Willing, MD (Pediatrics and Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, CNH)

This program will take you from "you don't know what you don't know" up the learning ladder, up to where you want more!

- Tahira Lodhi, MD (Medicine – Geriatrics, SMHS)

Master Teacher changed how I approach my work in fundamental ways.  I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to grow as a teacher.

- Jim Croffoot, MD (Internal Medicine, DC-VAMC)

Without doubt, the best part of the Master Teacher Leadership Development Program is being able to meet different people from other departments and fields. Listening to everyone's experience enriches all our lives and facilitates our growth as educators. One thing that cannot be quantified are the relationships we have built. I have been incredibly fortunate to develop some amazing friendships and learn so much from my peers. I will forever be grateful for my cohort-mates. 

- Marc Spencer, PhD (Anatomy and Cell Biology, SMHS)

The Master Teacher's journey is not just an exploration into adult learning principles but a journey within. Through learning more about how I learn, lead, and engage enhances my ability to connect with others. I strongly recommend this to anyone. In order to lead, you have to be able to influence and educate and this program is bountiful with the tools to do just that in an enriched cohort environment. 

- Elisha Peterson, MD (Anesthesiology, Pain, and Perioperative Medicine, CNH)

I have enjoyed each and every aspect of the MTLDP.  Each class builds upon the previous class.  From adult learning theory to curriculum development and assessment to qualitative methods, groups and teams, and culminating with the leadership course, my cohort members and I have grown and changed in so many ways.  Our teaching skills and medical education leadership abilities have been enhanced and we all look forward to the positive contributions that will result from our participation in this awesome program.  I am so grateful for this opportunity.

- Andrea Anderson, MD (Family Medicine, Unity Health Care)

The Master Teacher Leadership Development Program far exceeded my expectations. It is a unique program that enhances learning by providing the opportunity for nurses, physicians, pharmacists, physical therapists, and all health care professionals to learn together.

- Pam Petto, RN, BSN, CPON (Medical/Surgical Nursing, CNH)

Regardless of where you are in your career, MTLDP is a program that will better equip you to reach your professional goals.  Although my interest in the MTLDP initially stemmed from my interest in teaching and desire to hone my teaching skills, I found concepts & principles covered in the diverse range of courses including team management, organizational leadership, etc. surprisingly practical and immediately applicable to my work.

- Ribka A. Ayana, MD (Internal Medicine, DCVA)

I have been teaching residents and medical students for years, but there was always something new to learn on Wednesday afternoons.  It is amazing to me how obviously more engaged many of my students are after I incorporated techniques learned about adult education and leadership.

- Christine Briccetti, MD (Pediatrics, CNH)

The courses I took paralleled my growing involvement in leadership, educational research, and curricular development outside of class – MTLDP was an accelerant to my own success.

- Steven Davis, MD (Emergency Medicine, SMHS)

The Master Teacher Leadership Development program has equipped me with tools to enhance my ability to foster an inclusive and equitable environment in all aspects of my work. 

- Carrie Tully, PhD (Pediatrics – Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences CNH)

The cohort experience has been one that I will value in my future professional endeavors. The level of intellectual discourse was invaluable. It provided structure for designing educational events with ease and was a transformational experience!

- Maybelle Kou, MD (Emergency Medicine, Inova Fairfax)

The program expertly combines a deep engagement with theory with structured opportunities to apply knowledge and skills to real-world medical education situations. Come prepared to do a lot of reading and to learn alongside fellow practitioners with a shared love of teaching and educational research.  Expect to be surprised by the relevance of topics that you may initially dismiss and in just how much technical skill goes into educating the next generation of health professionals.

- Lalit Narayan, MBBS, MA (Internal Medicine, SMHS)

The Master Teacher Leadership Development Program has exposed me to the acknowledgment of some of my greatest potential!  Having acquired skills to enhance my teaching and being introduced to theories and concepts that draw parallels to leadership and service, I am excited about forging new territories in my career and the limitless possibilities that exist. Success is not measured in what you do, but rather who you impact and what you do, and this program has been instrumental in refocusing my thinking and practice in medicine.

- Yolanda Lewis-Ragland, MD (Pediatrics, CNH)

This program has totally changed the way I feel about teaching. Reflecting on my own learning history and how it affects my teaching gave me insight on my learning/teaching patterns. My approach to teaching has changed from “filling the vessel” to “let the garden grow”.  Designing and implementing learning events have become fun activities and reflecting on feedback from learners is powerful.

- Sonika Pandey, MD (Geriatrics, Extended & Palliative Care, VAMC)

I anticipated that I would benefit significantly from the program.  I did not realize just how much the program would change me, my approach to work and people, my goals, and my perception of my abilities.  I learned a tremendous amount about adult learning, organizational change, assessment, qualitative methods, groups and teams, and leadership.  But I learned even more about myself and my contributions, both positive and negative.  These changes are evident in my clinical role, my administrative roles, and at home.

- Aisha Barber Davis, MD (Hospital Medicine, CNH)

The Master Teacher program has been a challenging yet incredibly rewarding experience.  It has enhanced the educational activities that I have been a part of.  It has given me the confidence, knowledge, and skills to be an educational leader in pediatrics and the motivation to take on new challenges in the future.

- Jeremy Kern, MD (Hospitalist Medicine, CNH)

Participating in MTLDP has helped me make new connections and develop the confidence to reach out to people outside my immediate work environment. These new collaborations open up exciting opportunities for furthering our organizational goals.

- Tom Harrod, MLIS (Himmelfarb, SMHS)

Completing the MTLDP is one of my proudest accomplishments and one of the best decisions I have ever made… the people I've met, and new friendships I've forged, came as a welcomed surprise. I learned so much that will help me to give back, and most importantly, learned so much about myself! Would highly recommend this program to anyone involved in medical education or administration.

- Mariam Said, MD (Pediatrics - Neonatology, CNH)

The Master Teacher program was a great experience! It helped me to be a better educator by learning to plan my sessions and assess my learners more effectively. It also boosted my confidence and encouraged me to take on more leadership roles in my department. I highly recommend it to all my colleagues whether or not teaching is their primary responsibility.

- Ahdeah Pajoohesh-Ganji, PhD (Anatomy and Cell Biology, SMHS)

The Master Teacher Leadership Development Program has been, by far, one of the most influential experiences of my career in medicine. Not only has it provided a framework for how I will approach medical education and leadership, it has opened my eyes to a vast landscape of scholarship opportunities. This year-long program is comprehensive and requires a significant investment of time and energy, but facilitates real learning and development. I wholeheartedly recommend the MTLDP to anyone who seeks to further develop their career in medical education!

- Simranjeet Sran, MD (Neonatology, CNH)

Thank you so much for affording me the opportunity to participate in MTLDP Cohort 21! This has truly been a transformational experience. MTLDP has significantly enhanced and elevated my work around health equity curriculum design. I have grown so much as an educator. I hope that this amazing program continues for many years to come as it has made an invaluable impact on my career trajectory as an educational leader and scholar. It is no coincidence that my most influential mentors have graduated from MTLDP!!

- Theiline Gborkorquellie, MD (General and Community Pediatrics, CNH)

Whatever role you have as a leader or educator, or however many years of experience you have had – the MTLDP will enhance/enrich you with a new set of skills and formalize those you probably already excel at.

- Juan Reyes, MD (Hospitalist Medicine, SMHS)

The Master Teacher Leadership Development Program has revolutionized my life as an educator. By incorporating adult learning principles, I am a more effective educator. The program has also taught me how to develop curriculum and lead teams. This will be invaluable for my career and contributions as a medical educator.

- Jessica Logan, MD (Hospitalist Medicine, VAMC)

The MTLDP transformed not only my teaching philosophy, but my interactions with individuals both within the hospital and externally. This program provides exposure to topics that are vital to educators, leaders and the entire healthcare team. Each course was challenging and resulted in immense personal growth. The courses on effective pedagogy and curriculum design are essential for all educators.

- Amy Jones, MD (Pediatrics - Critical Care Medicine, CNH)

The MTLDP served as a bridge for me from being a hard-working physician and educator to being a leader and scholar. The program challenged me to not only broaden my vision of what I hope to accomplish but also helped me understand the steps I needed to take along with how to measure and reflect on if I met my goals. Surrounded by a supportive and talented cohort and faculty, I feel better prepared to be a leader in academic medicine.

- Charles Samenow, MD, MPH (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, SMHS)

The MTLDP has empowered me to become a more effective leader with patients, families, learners, and work teams.  The course work on adult teaching and learning principles provided the knowledge and tools to restructure my sessions with medical students and residents.  I feel more prepared with the necessary skills and confidence to succeed in an academic setting as the MTLDP strengthened my educational and scholarship skills.

- Candice Dawes, MD (Pediatrics, CNH)

The MTLDP has been incredibly helpful to me as I complete my fellowship training. I have already adopted the PLHET format in the talks I give to the other fellows as well as residents and medical students. The adult learning class was particularly helpful, giving me the words I have always wanted to use but did not have to describe what I do as a clinical educator on a daily basis. I constantly refer to the hierarchy of learning objective verbs when I am creating new talks or revising old ones.  Another aspect of the course that stands out to me are the last two courses on teamwork and leadership. I loved dissecting the examples of teamwork and leadership that fill my work and personal lives. I look forward to using the concepts that we discussed to have more productive and efficient meetings at work and at my various volunteer organizations. I specifically plan on creating accurate agendas and assigning work to be completed before the next meeting so that people do not feel unclear about expectations.

- Sam Zhao, MD (Pediatrics-Emergency Medicine, CNH)

I could not be more satisfied with what I have taken away from the program.  Master Teacher not only changed the way I view learning, teaching, and leading at work, but also changed the way I view my day to day life.  I accomplished more this past year than I ever thought possible using principles from adult learning, organization behavior, teams in organizations, and leadership.  The Master Teacher program helps you not only understand how both you and students learn but also what motivates individuals to become leaders themselves.  I was most surprised how the material on leadership was so relevant to my daily work as a physician and educator and believe it has shaped my views tremendously, motivating me to excel as a leader in education and leadership for the future.  I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to be a leader in academic medical education.

- Marc DiSabella, DO (Neurology, CNH)