Curriculum & Requirements

Course Content

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Course Content Outline

Course Mapping to Program Purposes and Objectives


The Program begins in late August and ends mid-June the following year with a graduation ceremony.

Classes meet on the GW Foggy Bottom campus every Wednesday afternoon from 12:30-5:00PM.

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Expectations of Participants

Program participants are expected to:

  • Attend all class sessions and complete all required coursework. Participants should expect to spend 15-20 hours per week for preparing for and participating in classes.
  • Maintain a minimum overall 3.0 GPA.
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Program Costs and Tuition Benefits

Regular GW tuition is charged for each course. There are 1-2 courses each semester. Tuition benefits apply for eligible GW faculty. 

Participants are responsible for maintaining their faculty status and for filing for their tuition benefits. Participants are also responsible for any University fees associated with application and course registration, and for purchasing textbooks and other required course materials.

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If your educational responsibilities are the things that you sincerely look forward to doing, you need to enroll in the MTLDP. Not only will you learn new things, but it will help crystallize your thoughts on so many aspects of your professional endeavors. I feel really prepared to apply what I learned about teaching, teamwork, and leadership to my program and my efforts with my colleagues. The Master Teacher Leadership Development Program has proven to be so valuable in the critical areas of my professional development, such as teaching and leadership, but has been especially instrumental in focusing my educational research interests. As a graduate of the program, I now look forward to exploring new academic and scholarship opportunities knowing that this program has provided me with the evidence-based tools to be more successful. Being in Master Teacher has been an amazing journey of personal growth.  The themes that were learned about and the lively class discussions we’ve had have shaped the way I view the world.  I can hardly look at an organization now without wondering, what is the mission here? What motivates people to engage or strive for success?  What experiences are people bringing with them?  This program has changed the way I approach my clinical, educational, research, and personal responsibilities.
-Lowell Frank, MD (Cardiology, CNH) -Carol Rentas, Ph.D., MEd, MT(ASCP) (Clinical Research and Leadership, SMHS) -Pritha Ghosh, MD (Neurology, SMHS)