Benefits of Participation


MTLDP coursework includes concepts and applications about adult learning, course and curriculum design and assessment, and group and organizational leadership.

Program graduates are prepared to:

  • Design educational experiences that maximize learning
  • Tailor teaching techniques to different learning environments and abilities
  • Systematically develop courses and curricula
  • Recognize organizational issues that impact learning
  • Apply tools and techniques to assess learning and teaching
  • Assess education-related research studies
  • Pursue education-related research
  • Effectively facilitate group discussions and meetings
  • Improve work team effectiveness and diagnose work team issues
  • Provide meaningful coaching and feedback to others
  • Lead organizational change related to learning
  • Adapt their leadership to individual, group and organizational needs
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The teaching, scholarship and leadership accomplishments of recent cohort members during the year in which they completed MTLDP can be viewed by clicking on the cohort number located under the image:

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Cohort 21 Graduation Program

Cohort 20

Cohort 20 Graduation Program

Cohort 19

Cohort 19 Graduation Program

Cohort 18

Cohort 18 Graduation Program

Cohort 17

Cohort 17 Graduation Program 

Cohort 16

Cohort 16 Graduation Program 

Cohort 15

Cohort 15 Graduation Program

Cohort 14

Cohort 14 Graduation Program 

Cohort 13

Cohort 13 Graduation Program 

Cohort 12

Cohort 12 Graduation Program

Cohort 11

Cohort 11 Graduation Program 

Cohort 10

Cohort 10 Graduation Program 



Leading is not about the position or person; it’s about the process and the people.  MTLDP has exceeded my expectations by equipping me with tools to lead and empower my patients, students, residents, and colleagues and for that, I am forever grateful. MTLDP has transformed my understanding of what is necessary to be an effective educator. MTLDP gives you tools that can be applied in the classroom, clinic, or wards immediately that are learner-centered. The MTLDP is an excellent learning opportunity if you are ready to work very hard and if you are interested in advancing your career in medical education. The program helps you learn some very practical as well as theoretical concepts that apply to the learning and teaching process.
-Chavon Onumah, MD, MPH, FACP, AAHIVS (Internal Medicine, SMHS) -Debra Herrmann, MPH, MSHS, PA-C (Physician's Assistant Program, SMHS) -Cathy Scheiner, MD (Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics, CNH)